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Virginity Soap Side Effects – Are There Any?

The thing we are here to discuss are Virginity Soap side effects and if there are any. It is important to note that the makers of this vaginal tightening soap claim that it is made out of all herbal ingredients and that there are no harmful toxins, chemicals, or compounds in it which could cause any adverse side effects. While this may be partially true there is a little more that needs to be said about the Virginity Soap before you go out and buy some.

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What is Virginity Soap And What Does It Do?

Rosa Virginity Soap is a brand new product to hit the market and it is meant to make a woman’s private parts appear as though she was a virgin. To be clear the Rosa Virginity Soap is meant to tighten the vaginal muscles to make the vagina feel and look much tighter than before. Many women want a tighter vagina because they think that all men prefer it to be so.

Virginity Soap also claims that it has the ability to whiten and lighten the skin in order to make it more attractive and to make the skin tone in the private areas much more consistent. Rosa Virginity Soap even goes so far as to claim that their all herbal and no chemical product can war off bacteria, infections, burning sensations, and other woes experienced by the vagina.

What Ingredients Virginity Soap Is Really Made From

One thing to be made clear is that just because the Virginity Soap is made out of all herbal ingredients does not meant that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. If you look at a list of poisonous substances you will quickly realize that many, if not most of them come straight from nature. Hemlock, Cyanide, and many other poisons are derived directly from plants, so the claim that using all herbal ingredients is equal to being safe and nontoxic is definitely not true.

To add to this concern many health officials have warned against using herbal products because they may contain harmful chemicals and are usually not tested or approved by the FDA. Virginity Soap has not been approved by health officials or the FDA as there has not been enough research done in terms of the ingredients.

So, Are There Actually Any Side Effects?

Some people claim that there are no side effects, we are guessing that it depends on the specific person in question, however there have been a few side effects reported none the less. First of all, the Virginity Soap only works for as long as you use it on a regular basis and as soon as you discontinue using it your vagina will go back to just like it was before. Moreover many people actually claim that it was worse than before and after using the soap they experienced a yellow and smelly discharge from their vagina.

Some people report that the discharge occurs during use while most say that it happens once you stop using it. Some reports even indicate that Virginity Soap side effects include making the vagina smell horrible and even causing painful blisters as well.

The scariest reports are those that claim using Virginity Soap can cause uterus malfunctions and create problems during conception. In all reality this soap is not only a giant blow to women and feminists around the world, but also a fraud because it clearly has side effects and its efficacy is less than guaranteed.

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